Our adoption of technology and automated processes differentiates us within the supply-chain management industry in India. We are at the forefront of automation solutions for meeting client-specific needs in India. We have made investments to implement automated technology and processes in order to increase capacity and operating efficiency, thereby improving our profitability and allowing us to customise services to suit our requirements and those of our customers.

We have adopted various technologies and automation in our business, including (i) our “Dynamic Put-to-Light” (PTL) sortation system, which is an effective sorting technology, (ii) our radio-frequency-enabled Warehouse Management System (WMS) that coordinates across receiving, put-away, and put, pack and dispatch processes in our distribution centre operations, (iii) our Transport Management System (TMS), which provides shipment-level visibility from pick-up, to delivery, to billing as well as routing solutions, and is also linked to our enterprise resource planning system, (iv) our Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), which enables our customers to track

their goods online and in real-time while in transit, (v) a high-speed cross-belt sorter at our distribution centre in MIHAN, Nagpur, which was the first of its kind in India, and which has increased our sorting capacity in the distribution centre to approximately 2,000 cases per hour (which is over three times more productive than traditional, non-automated sortation) without having to increase physical storage, (vi) remote access to our delivery vehicles and (vii) a real-time data logging system that enables us to monitor temperature variations in our distribution centres and our reefer trucks used in our temperature-controlled logistics business.