We are one of India’s largest organised third-party supply chain and logistics service provider. We offer automated and IT-enabled warehousing, distribution and other logistics solutions to a wide range of customers. Our service offerings, warehousing structure, pan-India distribution network, “hub-and-spoke” transportation model and automated technology systems support our competitive market position. Our customers operate in various sectors across India, including retail, fashion and apparel, automotive and engineering, food and beverage, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), e-commerce, healthcare, electronics and technology, home and furniture and ATMs.

We believe our business model enables us to act as a service provider that can comprehensively cover our customers’ supply chain needs. We provide solutions that enable our customers to leverage our distribution network and which, we believe, optimises the performance, cost and efficiency of their supply chains, shortening their lead-time to market. We offer our customers services in three key areas:

  • Contract Logistics : warehousing, distribution and other value-added services
  • Express Logistics : point-to-point, less-than truck-load, time-definite transportation services
  • Temperature-Controlled Logistics : cold-chain warehousing, transportation solutions and long-haul distribution of perishable products

Our distribution centres and delivery network form a supply chain system across India. As of July 31, 2017, for the contract logistics services, we run our operations through 42 distribution centres across India, covering approximately 3.80 million square feet of warehouse space and 2 distribution centres at customer premises, covering area of approximately 0.37 million square feet. Our distribution centre at the Multi-modal International Hub Airport at Nagpur (MIHAN) is one of the largest and most highly automated distribution centres in India. Our distribution centre at MIHAN covers approximately 0.37 million square feet of warehousing space, housing a high-speed cross-belt sorter system, which was the first of its kind in India, with a sorting capacity of approximately 2,000 cases per hour.

We are promoted by Future Enterprises Limited, which is promoted by Kishore Biyani. Other entities promoted by Kishore Biyani include Future Retail Limited, Future Consumer Limited and Future Lifestyle Fashion Limited. While our business was originally established to provide supply chain and logistics solutions for our Group Companies, we have diversified our customer base across various sectors outside of the Group Companies.

Our Company posted revenues of Rs 5,612 mn and a net profit of Rs 458 mn at the end of the financial year 2016-17. During the past three years since financial year 2013-14, the revenues from operations of the Company have grown at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17%.