The high-volume, transaction-intensive nature of food and beverage supply chain presents significant challenges. Raw materials, ingredients and manufactured products have very limited shelf life, therefore processes such as order intake, allocation, picking, packing and shipping have to be managed efficiently and accurately.

The complexity for perishable food supply chain arises out of the limited lifetime and the deteriorating quality of perishable foods. Temperature is the most important factor in prolonging or maintaining the shelf life of perishables. Proper control and management of temperature is crucial. An integrated and effective temperature controlled cold storage as well as transportation network will maintain the good food quality and safety and thereby reduce food decay and wastage.

Food and Beverages supply chain needs demand driven and responsive scalable and agile supply chain solutions with the flexibility, responsiveness and reliability required to be demand driven.

FSC Supply Chain Solutions Advantage

FSC has capabilities to handle Cold Chain as well as ambient supply chain. FSC enables increased throughput and ability to handle peak volumes through modern warehouse infrastructure and processes

Our scientific supply chain management for the Food & FMCG Supply Chain includes:
  • A cross-functional team of supply chain network and solution designers with proven expertise in Food & Beverages industry.
  • Technology-enabled, Built-to-Suit Distribution Centres

    • Ambient and temperature controlled facilities ranging from - 30 to + 25 degrees.
    • State-of-the-art equipment and temperature monitoring systems
    • Dedicated, Multi-user or Shared-user facilities with mobile pallet racking systems.
    • Leading edge WMS which can be customised as per requirements.
    • Ability to create and manage automated facilities with conveyor systems integrated with an auto Inbound and Outbound Weight Check system and an auto Print & Apply system. This automation ensures near 100% Inventory accuracy at the time of receiving and dispatch.
    • Infrastructure includes Material Handling Equipments, sufficient dock doors and dock levelers to handle all types of vehicles.
  • Pan India Primary and Secondary Distribution and Last Mile Fulfillment Network.
  • All FSC vehicles, including Reefer vehicles are GPS enabled giving real-time visibility of every shipment.
  • Full Cold Chain adherence and regulatory compliance.

    Our supply chain solutions are designed to take care of the unique requirements and challenges of each customer in the Food & Beverages sector, whilst driving down Time-to-Market and Cost-to-Market, thereby increasing revenues and profitability for our customers.

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