India’s FMCG industry is expected to grow at 12 per cent in 2016, reaching the sales figure of US$ 49 billion. The FMCG industry has complex and wide distribution networks and is seeing intense competition and an exponential increase in SKUs.

The complexity further increases since products have a shorter shelf life and require strict monitoring of FEFO so that products reaching the consumers are left with enough shelf life. Also, high fill rates and availability of products on the shelf has become very crucial since Indian companies lose revenues worth crores due to stock-outs.

FSC has been providing demand driven, responsive, flexible and innovative supply chain services to most major FMCG companies.

FSC Supply Chain Solutions Advantage

FSC has capabilities to handle Cold Chain as well as ambient supply chain. Whether it’s for perishable food products or non-perishable FMCG products, FSC enables increased throughput and ability to handle peak volumes through modern warehouse infrastructure and processes.

Our scientific supply chain management for the Food & Beverages Supply Chain includes:
  • A cross-functional team of supply chain network and solution designers with proven expertise in Food & Beverages industry.
  • Technology-enabled, Built-to-Suit Distribution Centres

    • Ambient and temperature controlled facilities ranging upto 25 to -30 degrees.
    • State-of-the-art equipment and temperature monitoring systems for temperature controlled services.
    • Dedicated, Multi-user or Shared-user facilties with G + 8 pallet racking.
    • Leading edge WMS which can be customised as per requirements.
    • Integrated with WMS is the Put to Light Sortation System enables category specific and delivery point specific segregation with near 100% accuracy in dispatch.
    • Automation includes conveyor systems integrated with an auto Inbound and Outbound Weight Check system and an auto Print & Apply system which ensures near 100% Inventory accuracy at the time of receiving and dispatch.
    • Infrastructure includes Material Handling Equipments, sufficient dock doors and dock levelers to handle all types of vehicles.
    • Roll cages are being used to reduce Damages and Shortages to near zero level.
  • Pan India Primary and Secondary Distribution and Last Mile Fulfillment Network.
  • All FSC vehicles, including Reefer vehicles are GPS enabled giving real-time visibility of every shipment.

    Our supply chain solutions are designed to take care of the unique requirements and challenges of each customer in the Food & Beverages sector, whilst driving down Time-to-Market and Cost-to-Market, thereby increasing revenues and profitability for our customers.

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